volcano2One of the first curry restaurants in the U.S. that we reviewed when we began Americurry in April of this year was Volcano: Curry of Japan, on 19th Avenue and Geary in San Francisco. At the time, it was lacking, especially due to the sloppiness of the presentation: The food was thrown haphazardly onto a paper plate and served with a plastic fork.

On a recent return trip to Volcano, I found that a lot had changed. The curry didn't taste that much different, but it was all arranged properly, on real dinnerware with metal utensils. It made the experience so much better that I felt Volcano needed to be re-rated. I'd actually recommend it to people, now.

(Unfortunately, the cheese is still placed on top of the katsu and not in the sauce, which isn't really where it's supposed to go.)

While I've left our original review intact -- you can't erase the Internet any more than you can unring a bell -- I've changed it from a "2" to a "3".

If you Americurry readers ever think we should go back and re-review a restaurant's curry because significant changes have been made, for good or for ill, please let us know!