Daniel Feit, who lives out in Osaka, recently found this in a vending machine there: "Curry Rice Can." So of course, I sent him out to cover it for "Popping open the can releases a distinct curry aroma, even if ...Read More


There's a lot more to Japanese curry than CoCo Ichibanya. I'm not suggesting that you go visit every single run-down Mom-and-Pop curry shop on a wild goose chase for culinary perfection. But if you want to find some higher-quality goods, ...Read More


The style of Japanese curry known as "Kanazawa Curry" was the first I'd ever tasted, although I didn't know it at the time. Sure, I knew I was living in Kanazawa, Japan as an exchange student, but I didn't know ...Read More


Japan is full of oddly themed eateries but Usagi to Cafe really is a bizarre, albeit adorable, venture. Almost everything in Usagi to Cafe is rabbit themed- from the wall decor to the rabbit-shaped curry...but the main attraction is live ...Read More


Today, while cleaning and organizing all of my books  (generally referred to as the Chris Kohler Presidential Library), I came across this pamphlet passed out at CoCoIchi in 2006. I saved it entirely because of this picture, which I think pretty ...Read More