new people

New People, a new center for Japanese pop culture to be opened in San Francisco's Japantown, will feature food from local curry maker Delica rf-1.

While New People currently says that it will get fresh daily deliveries of "bento boxes" from the Japanese deli, it doesn't specifically mention whether any of those will contain curry rice. But we can dream, right?

(Read Americurry's review of Delica rf-1.)

New People is the brainchild of Viz Media founder Seiji Horibuchi, bankrolled by a $15 million investment courtesy Japanese comic publisher Shogakukan. (I'm fairly certain the name comes from the Japanese phrase shinjinrui, their term for "Generation X.")

The four-floor building will have a theater for screening J-pop films, stores selling all things Japanese, and fashion boutiques from Harajuku. It will open on August 15.

(Image: Viz Media)