morningcurryLast year around this time, when I was in Japan for Tokyo Game Show, I'd always pass this sign while walking from the Yamanote loop line to the train that brought you out to the convention center. "Morning Curry."

I never did try it, but the concept doesn't sound so strange when you're a curry junkie. Okay, maybe the name sounds a bit too much like the "Good Morning Burger" from The Simpsons, but look: Eggs! Vegetables! Really, how else would you start off your day but with curry?

Karen and I have, of course, had curry for breakfast before, but not at a restaurant. Just leftover curry from the night before, which tastes even better because all the flavors have had eight hours to hang out and get to know each other.

Going back to Tokyo next week. Maybe I'll pass by this again. Maybe this time I'll do it.