Carrot Curry Ice Cream from Not Eating Out in NYTremendously popular food blog Not Eating Out in New York featured a wonderfully kooky recipe today for a Japanese curry flavored ice cream with fresh slivers of carrots churned in.  Even though I'm an adventurous Indiana-Jones-type ice cream eater, I can understand how most folks want their savories far away from their pristine bowls of sweet dairy joy, and thus, probably cannot comprehend curry in their sweets.  But curry has been making couple of high-profile cameos in the dessert world, specifically in the realm of boutique chocolates.  Unfortunately for Americurry, it's usually always Thai or Indian but never Japanese.  One would think Japanese curry's creaminess, sweetness, and penchant for fruity ingredients like raisins and apples would lend well to a dessert item.

Alas, huzzah!  Thanks to Cathy Erway and her research, we're delighted to see someone creating and perfecting a wondrous Japanese curry dessert recipe (and it only costs a grand total of $3.85 to make at home!):

Curry Carrot Ice Cream Recipe from Not Eating Out in New York