Think you can eat a lot of curry? Check out this video in which Japan's renowned Natsuko "Gal" Sone puts away an absurd 9 kilograms of curry, rice, and udon noodles. She practically unhinges her jaw to devour it all in massive spoonfuls.

It's even crazier when you notice that Sone is such a small person. What the hell is wrong with her body, that the reflex we all have that tells us to stop eating is just shut off entirely?

Best part of the interplay between Sone and the hosts -- one of them asks what happens to the food, and she says, coquettishly talking around the subject, "It all... comes out the next day. You know... you know. Comes out. You know?"

"I... don't poop," says the host.

"Ah, you're an aidoru," she replies in between fistfuls of curry.


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