cheesecurryOne of Americurry's only real issues with SoCal curry chain Curry House was its odd reluctance to offer cheese on its curry. Cheese, in addition to being one of the Three Perfect Toppings, isn't exactly the hardest thing to come by in America.

So perhaps it was inevitable that Curry House would experiment with this unlikeliest but most delicious of toppings. Just read over on that the Torrance branch now offers cheese for a mere 75 cents extra.

"So you think your dish is perfect? How about topping it with CHEESE?" reads the sign. I absolutely agree, having believed in the perfection of cheeseless curry in my misspent youth, only because I had not yet tried topping it with CHEESE.

Here is what food blogger "reynaldo" said of the experience:

Although the cheese on the menu picture looked like American cheese, in reality it is not.  I'm not quite sure what kind of cheese it was, especially since the curry and meat have strong flavors themselves.  At first I liked the combination of the melted cheese, crispy katsu and curry (I get the curry mild).  But by the end, the cheese had hardened and the novelty wore off.  And since katsu is filling anyway, the cheese only made it more so.  I would recommend sharing a portion with someone if you are going to get the cheese.  Either that or take half home and warm it up later so the cheese is hot and melty again.

I'm not quite sure about Curry House's execution here: I'm not sure why they'd melt the cheese onto the katsu, where it will eventually get congealed and crusty, versus the traditional method of putting it into the curry where it will melt and stay creamy the whole time.

Still, they're on the right track. Hopefully they'll bring this to the other branches soon.

Curry House Pork Katsu with Cheese []