Last month, I took a vacation to Dublin, Ireland, and as a side mission attempted to see if there was any good Japanese curry on dear old Erin's isle. Results: negative. There was certainly no lack of restaurants trying to create ...Read More


One of the first curry restaurants in the U.S. that we reviewed when we began Americurry in April of this year was Volcano: Curry of Japan, on 19th Avenue and Geary in San Francisco. At the time, it was lacking, ...Read More


It's no mystery that one of the star ingredients in sweet Japanese curry is fruit. Just read the ingredient list on a box of store-bought curry roux and you'll come across ingredients like apples, raisins, dried dates, and even bananas. ...Read More


One of Americurry's only real issues with SoCal curry chain Curry House was its odd reluctance to offer cheese on its curry. Cheese, in addition to being one of the Three Perfect Toppings, isn't exactly the hardest thing to come ...Read More

new people

New People, a new center for Japanese pop culture to be opened in San Francisco's Japantown, will feature food from local curry maker Delica rf-1. While New People currently says that it will get fresh daily deliveries of "bento boxes" from ...Read More


New Yorkers rejoice!  Forum user Copperchef informed us that Americurry's fave Go Go Curry is holding the first annual Curry Rice Eating Championship in America! Oh, I know what you're thinking, "I get to eat massive amounts of the most delicious ...Read More