Let's face it, the waft of homemade Japanese curry is irresistible. But to this house cat, curry rice is pure ecstasy. Read More


Japan is full of oddly themed eateries but Usagi to Cafe really is a bizarre, albeit adorable, venture. Almost everything in Usagi to Cafe is rabbit themed- from the wall decor to the rabbit-shaped curry...but the main attraction is live ...Read More


It's no mystery that one of the star ingredients in sweet Japanese curry is fruit. Just read the ingredient list on a box of store-bought curry roux and you'll come across ingredients like apples, raisins, dried dates, and even bananas. ...Read More

Carrot Curry Ice Cream from Not Eating Out in NY

Tremendously popular food blog Not Eating Out in New York featured a wonderfully kooky recipe today for a Japanese curry flavored ice cream with fresh slivers of carrots churned in.  Even though I'm an adventurous Indiana-Jones-type ice cream eater, I ...Read More


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Japanese curry’s traditional juicy pork katsu chapeau poses a dilemma for me.  As a vegetarian, my curry topping options are slim.  I can either just eat curry rice with no toppings, or I can eat curry with thrill-free, benchwarmer toppings ...Read More