We here at Americurry have already shown you some of the curry chains you're most likely to come across in Tokyo or elsewhere in the world, your Coco Ichibanyas and your Go Go Curries. But of course, curry is so ...Read More


Daniel Feit, who lives out in Osaka, recently found this in a vending machine there: "Curry Rice Can." So of course, I sent him out to cover it for "Popping open the can releases a distinct curry aroma, even if ...Read More


There's a lot more to Japanese curry than CoCo Ichibanya. I'm not suggesting that you go visit every single run-down Mom-and-Pop curry shop on a wild goose chase for culinary perfection. But if you want to find some higher-quality goods, ...Read More


The style of Japanese curry known as "Kanazawa Curry" was the first I'd ever tasted, although I didn't know it at the time. Sure, I knew I was living in Kanazawa, Japan as an exchange student, but I didn't know ...Read More


Last month, I took a vacation to Dublin, Ireland, and as a side mission attempted to see if there was any good Japanese curry on dear old Erin's isle. Results: negative. There was certainly no lack of restaurants trying to create ...Read More


Last year around this time, when I was in Japan for Tokyo Game Show, I'd always pass this sign while walking from the Yamanote loop line to the train that brought you out to the convention center. "Morning Curry." I never ...Read More


One of the first curry restaurants in the U.S. that we reviewed when we began Americurry in April of this year was Volcano: Curry of Japan, on 19th Avenue and Geary in San Francisco. At the time, it was lacking, ...Read More


I can't think of much to say about Hurry Curry of Tokyo, the greater Los Angeles area's second most famous chain of Japanese curry restaurants. On the one hand, this may be because I waited so long to write this review ...Read More


Besides the ubiquitous curry counter, there's another common sort of restaurant in Japan that gets relatively short shrift in America: the tonkatsu place. Yes, katsu isn't just for topping curry; plenty of restaurants and chains specialize in perfecting the pork ...Read More


Before the very recent influx of San Francisco establishments that specialize in Japanese curry, the only way for a junkie to get his fix in this town was to go to a random restaurant and roll the dice. Chances are, ...Read More


Think you can eat a lot of curry? Check out this video in which Japan's renowned Natsuko "Gal" Sone puts away an absurd 9 kilograms of curry, rice, and udon noodles. She practically unhinges her jaw to devour it all ...Read More


Today, while cleaning and organizing all of my books  (generally referred to as the Chris Kohler Presidential Library), I came across this pamphlet passed out at CoCoIchi in 2006. I saved it entirely because of this picture, which I think pretty ...Read More


One of Americurry's only real issues with SoCal curry chain Curry House was its odd reluctance to offer cheese on its curry. Cheese, in addition to being one of the Three Perfect Toppings, isn't exactly the hardest thing to come ...Read More


Yes, Japanese curry's reach has spread even to Thailand. A friend of Americurry has passed along these pics from a branch of Curry House CoCo Ichibanya located in Thailand, and it doesn't seem like there's that much difference between this and ...Read More

new people

New People, a new center for Japanese pop culture to be opened in San Francisco's Japantown, will feature food from local curry maker Delica rf-1. While New People currently says that it will get fresh daily deliveries of "bento boxes" from ...Read More


Curry House is one of the only reasons why I might find myself envious of anyone who lives in the greater Los Angeles area. We've got a lot of things here in San Francisco, but we don't have this chain ...Read More


Manpuku, located right down College Avenue walking south from Berkeley's university campus, was packed full of people when we went. It was packed so full of people that the restaurant's bewildered staff didn't quite know what to do with them ...Read More


"OH MY GOD WHY IS THERE A FRIED EGG?" is likely to be the first thing a curry fan will exclaim at being served the katsu curry plate at On the Bridge, a small, popular eatery in San Francisco's Japantown. There are, ...Read More


Go Go Curry is, as of this writing, the best Japanese curry available in the U.S. Yes, perhaps someone will dethrone Gorry the gorilla from his perch one of these days. For now, if you visit New York City, you've ...Read More


Calling a Japanese curry shop "Muracci's" in a city well-known for its North Beach district of Italian-American restaurants seems like it would give potential customers the wrong impression. Then again, it doesn't seem to have affected the popularity of this ...Read More


Update: On a trip back to Volcano on 9.11.09, I found that many of my issues had been addressed, most importantly the paper plates and plastic spoons. Hence, we're upgrading Volcano from its original "2" rating to a "3." The ...Read More


Delica rf-1 serves great food. It also serves Japanese-style curry. You might like or even love their unique take on it. But if you're looking for a traditional Japanese curry experience, this isn't the place you're looking for. San Francisco's Ferry ...Read More